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Photosynthesis Explained in Mahabharata

In Mahabharata
Vana Parva, 3.

शौनकेनैवम उक्तस तु कुन्तीपुत्रॊ युधिष्ठिरः
पुरॊहितम उपागम्य भरातृमध्ये ऽबरवीद इदम [1]

परस्थितं मानुयान्तीमे बराह्मणा वेदपारगाः
न चास्मि पालने शक्तॊ बहुदुःखसमन्वितः [2]

परित्यक्तुं न शक्नॊमि दानशक्तिश च नास्ति मे
कथम अत्र मया कार्यं भगवांस तद बरवीतु मे [3]

मुहूर्तम इव स धयात्वा धर्मेणान्विष्य तां गतिम
युधिष्ठिरम उवाचेदं धौम्यॊ धर्मभृतां वरः [4]

पुरा सृष्टनि भूतानि पीड्यन्ते कषुधया भृशम
ततॊ ऽनुकम्पया तेषां सविता सवपिता इव [5]

गत्वॊत्तरायणं तेजॊ रसान उद्धृत्य रश्मिभिः
दक्षिणायनम आवृत्तॊ महीं निविशते रविः [6]

कषेत्रभूते ततस तस्मिन्न ओषधीर ओषधी पतिः
दिवस तेजः समुद्धृत्य जनयाम आस वारिणा [7]

निषिक्तश चन्द्र तेजॊभिः सूयते भूगतॊ रविः
ओषध्यः षड्रसा मेध्यास तदन्नं पराणिनां भुवि [8]

एवं भानुमयं हय अन्नं भूतानां पराणधारणम
पितैष सर्वभूतानां तस्मात तं शरणं वरज [9]

राजानॊ हि महात्मानॊ यॊनिकर्म विशॊधिताः
उद्धरन्ति परजाः सर्वास तप आस्थाय पुष्कलम [10]

Meaning :-

Yudhishthira, the son of Kunti, approached his priest and in the midst of his brothers said:

The Brahmanas versed in the Vedas are following me who am departing for the forest. Afflicted with many calamities I am unable to support them. I cannot abandon them, nor have I the power to offer them sustenance. Tell me, O holy one, what should be done by me in such a pass?

After reflecting for a moment seeking to find out the (proper) course by his Yoga powers, Dhaumya, that foremost of all virtuous men, addressed Yudhishthira in these words:

In days of old, all living beings that had been created were sorely afflicted with hunger. And like a father (unto all of them), Surya (the sun) took compassion upon them. And going first into the northern declension, the sun drew up water by its rays, and coming back to the southern declension, stayed over the earth, with his heat centered in himself. And while the sun so stayed over the earth, the lord of the vegetable world (the moon), converting the effects of the solar heat (vapours) into clouds and pouring them down in the shape of water, caused plants to spring up. Thus it is the sun himself, who, drenched by the lunar influence, is transformed, upon the sprouting of seeds, into holy vegetable furnished with the six tastes. And it is these that constitute the food of all creatures upon the earth. Thus the food that supports the lives of creatures is instinct with solar energy, and the sun is, therefore, the father of all creatures. Do thou, hence, O Yudhishthira, take refuge even in him. All illustrious monarchs of pure descent and deeds are known to have delivered their people by practising high asceticism. The great Karttavirya, and Vainya and Nahusha, had all, by virtue of ascetic meditation preceded by vows, delivered their people from heavy afflictions. Therefore, O virtuous one, as thou art purified by the acts do thou likewise, entering upon a life of austerities, O Bharata, virtuously support the regenerate ones.

Greatness of Sanatan Dharma!


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