Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mercury converted to gold in 1942 in India- proof

Times of India-01/06/08
Inscription on Birla Mandir-DelhiOn 27/5/1942 in Birla House in presence of Shri A B Thakkar (PM, All India Hindu sevak sangh), Sri Duttji, secretary-Birla Mills, Delhi, Sri Khemka-Chief Engineer Sri Wilson etc, Pandit Krishnapal Sharma coverted one tola mercury into 1 tola gold.He put mercury inside a shell of reetha with some white and yellow powder (Jadi-booti) and it was closed with clay and this was put in hollow of earthen lamp and burnt for 45 minutes.On cooling and opening it, Gold was found! Similar inscription on Birla mandir-varanasi:In 1943, pandit krishnapal Rasavaidya did it in rishikesh in presence of mahatma Gandhi’s P.A. Mahadev Desai, G.K Birla and othersMercury provided by desai was converted into 18KG of Gold!. This was donated to a trust wh fetched Rs 72000!This experiment was repeated in presence of Pratap Singh of BHUWas this an example of alchemy or cold fusion and if yes, our ancestors knew more science than all world put together!BARC former associate Mahadeva Srinivasan believes in this possibility and stated there was good work done at BARC on this till 1994 and then sr scientists killed this research!Cold fusion research is not getting funds in India but China, Russia and Japan are doing it. This process can mean one can create electricity in their homes and clean fuel will be produced without hazardous wastes.Let us write to BJP and Congress leaders to initiate large scale funding on cold fusion which can revolutionalise energy and gold and make India and Indians richer and energy surplus!If u all are game, I am willing to provide address of concerned people in these two parties who will listen. C’mon India lets make India beter!

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