Friday, April 16, 2010

Poems from Aidan & Ling

Poems from Aidan & Ling
Space is
The universe।
The nothingness in everything space is।
Within its stillness lies the very essence of life and death itself,
Where everything is created and destroyed.
It's omnipresence and eternity transcends all space and time;
To truly understand the soul, look deep into the mind and beyond.
Between the stars and galaxies is where true wisdom resides.
For, outer space is - inner space.
The nothingness
Space is.

~ Aidan Aquinas ~

Space in its timelessness
beauty and eternity,
holds true the full extent of knowledge;
that has mystified mankind since the beginning of our existence.
In all its glorified entirety, it is the key to understanding the universe and our purpose.
The space we are the space we were.
The universe encompasses everything but is nothingness in actuality.

~ Qian Ling ~

Into the deep infinity of eternal space
Planets, stars, galaxies, blackholes, whiteholes, the universe and nothingness
Are ONE.
Beyond duality and opposites lies unity.
To infinity and beyond.
When two become one.
And one becomes none.
~ Aidan & Ling ~

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