Sunday, July 21, 2013

In the center of the Earth exploded a nuclear reactor

By the hypothesis of the origin of the Moon added another one: Dutch scientists believe that the Earth's natural satellite has got 4.5 billion years ago, after the explosion of a giant nuclear reactor of natural origin, who worked in the bowels of the planet.
The fact that the moon is composed of the same rock that makes up the Earth, it became known after the soil samples from the satellite of our planet brought American astronauts. Solar radiation leads to the disintegration of radioactive isotopes, and it does so depends on the distance at which the atoms are arranged from the star. If the Moon formed elsewhere in the solar system, its composition would be different radioisotope from similar parameters of the Earth.

Therefore, the common assumption is the "terrestrial" origin of the Moon. However, exactly how this happened, the researchers argue. Main theories to date has been three. The first is that early Earth was spinning so fast that the growth of its mass due to the capture of comets and asteroids just ripped it, and ejected material formed the moon. According to the second theory, the satellite separated from the world by the impact of a giant body the size of Mars. A third theory of the Moon and the Earth formed at the same time, with our satellite was formed from a variety of meteorites and asteroids orbiting the ancient Earth.

After reviewing the results of computer simulation, a group of researchers from the University of Amsterdam has developed a fourth theory. Dutch scientists believe that the moon formed as a result of the explosion of a giant nuclear reactor, which operates within the planet. The results of the study, researchers published in the journal New Scientist .

"A nuclear explosion - the only event that could in a short time to throw a lot of substance. And it is only under these conditions, the strain can not only separate from the earth, but also to get momentum enough to not fall off the earth," - said Wim van Westen, who heads a group of investigators. The scientist added that, according to the calculations of, the power of the explosion could be around 40 billion bombs dropped on Hiroshima.

The hypothesis that the earth inside the reactor working nature, is not new. It is well explained by the fact that our planet radiates more energy than it receives from the Sun. This theory is confirmed by the discovery of several extinct natural reactors, the size of which, however, does not exceed a few meters.

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