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Paarad is a divine metal and its importance is very obvious from the following line taken from the text Ras Ratna Samuchchya.

Siddharase Karishye Nirdraaridryam Idam Jagat.
i.e. if mercury is consecrated then it becomes capable of banishing poverty and diseases.
It is further stated in the text -
No medicine or herb or metal is capable of keeping a human body totally free of diseases for all metals get wet by water, can be burnt in fire and dried with heat, but Paarad is a unique element that remains unaffected by these influences. Mercury is subjected to special chemical reactions and it is made solid. Thus it becomes elixir like and through such Paarad even the most impossible can be achieved.

When an idol of Lord Ganpati is made from such Paarad and it is worshipped the Sadhak is bestowed with knowledge, intelligence and all divine powers. This is because Lord Ganpati is the Lord of all powers and he is the first to be worshipped among all deities on any auspicious occasion or ceremony.

No ceremony among Hindus starts without first offering prayers to Lord Ganpati. Not just this before starting any Sadhana or worship of any deity, Lord Ganpati is worshipped with an aim to seek His blessings for success in the ritual. No other deity is given so much respect and love as Lord Ganpati. And truly He is a unique deity in the Indian pantheon of Gods and Goddesses.

Ganesh or Ganpati means Lord of Ganns or the divine attendants of Lord Shiva. Every human has five physical senses, five mental senses and four spiritual senses. The energy that runs through all these senses is the energy of the fourteen deities whose Lord is Ganesh.

The divine form of the Lord is very handsome and benign. He has one tusk and four hands in which He wields a lasso, Veena (astringed instrument) and a corn cob. The fourth hand is raised in blessing. He has a red complexion and a huge belly. He has large fan like ears and wears red robes. His body is smeared with red sandalwood paste. He is worshipped with red flowers.

If propitiated with full faith He manifests in a physical form to help his devotee. He has a divine form that has manifested not by the natural process of procreation and He is dedicated to the fulfilment of the wishes of his Sadhaks.

Paarad is capable of banishing ailments, poverty and old age. It can transform old age into eternal youth. It can also bestow upon a person all the eight Siddhis or powers. Paarad has originated from the body of Lord Shiva and hence it is the best among all elements.

Lord Ganpati is a deity who becomes pleased with a Sadhak even if he just chants His name and He removes all problems from one's life and propels one onto the path that leads to success. If one performs Sadhana or worship of such a kind deity on a Paarad Ganpati then the result would be stupendous. Through his Sadhana, worship and chanting of his name there is a rise on intelligence of the Sadhak, all wishes are fulfilled and all problems and obstacles are removed thus making life easy and smooth.

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