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An amazing Sadhana article with power of enchantment

Mudrika Mod Janakam : Mudrika or a ring means that which gives pleasure or is a symbol of pleasure.
Paarad or consecrated mercury is called Rasraaj i.e. the best of all elements. It has the power of attraction. It absorbs divine energy and this can be used to enchant others.
Paarad Mudrika or a ring made from consecrated solidified mercury has great virtues. This enchanting Sadhana article is prepared through a very complex process.
There are some objects in the world which are rare and divine. May be some divine objects are readily available, but till one is nor aware of their proper use one cannot benefit the maximum from them.
Our ancient Rishis had said that there are 36 elements that are rare and unique and are very useful and beneficial for the human beings. Paarad is one of them and a ring made from Paarad is a very wonderful Sadhana article.
Man has always been interested in the science of enchanting others and learning the existence of hypnotism. Thousands of texts have been written on this subject and today the art of hypnotism is considered to be a science in itself. There is perhaps no country in the world where this science is not in use. Hundreds of institutions exist worldwide which keep making studies related to this science. In a developed country like America Hypnotism has been given a special place in the area of medical science. And today this science is considered indispensable.
Today hypnotism is widely used in the medical field. It is also used by experts to gleam information from enemy spies, to know about the feelings of some person, to know about the secrets of some individual, to make someone friendly, to win the heart of the opposite sex, to win favours from seniors, to bring a wayward child back on the right track and to get some work done through somebody.

What actually is hypnotism?
It is a very powerful science through which life could become easier. Through it one could know what is going on in the mind of some person, through it one could encourage a drunkard to give up drinking or a smoker to stop smoking. Through it one could help youths to get rid of their addiction to drugs or bad company. Through it one could make others do favours for us. Through it even enemies could be won and one could win an argument or even a law suit.
Hypnotism is a technique, a process of influencing others favourably. It is a practical science that can be learned in the company of an expert in the science. Revered Sadgurudev had written a book Practical Hypnotism several years ago and it is easily available in the market. It is a unique work which contains authentic and tested knowledge on this subject. Thousands of readers have become perfect in this science by carefully following the instructions given in this book.

Mercury is called Paaraa in Hindi and when this liquid mercury is consecrated and solidified it is called Paarad. Ancient texts call it the essence of Lord Shiva. Mercury is liquid and it cannot be held in the hand. If poured on the floor it spreads out into hundreds of balls. It is a white, rare metal which is very valuable and useful.
This mercury cannot be solidified under ordinary conditions but with the help of special herbs and special chemical processes it can be solidified and given a desired shape.
The ancient texts call it Vashikarann Yukta or capable of enchantment. A ring made from Paarad is very rare to find and wearing such a ring is a great accomplishment indeed.
It is very difficult to give Paarad a shape of a ring. So this ring cannot be easily obtained. But our ancient texts are evidence that kings in the ancient times used to wear such rings because this ring can cure many ailments including impotency. Wearing this ring is a sure sign of becoming virile and gaining sexual prowess.

Paarad Ring
On the request of thousands of Sadhaks Paarad Rings have been prepared by us. It is for the first time that facts are being revealed about this wonderful object through the magazine. This ring can be worn on any finger of any hand. It is available in all sizes. A child or an old person, man or woman anyone can wear it without any harm.
However it is a powerful medium of enchantment. After the Paarad ring has been prepared it is energised and made divine with special Cheitanya Mantras.
Thus the ring becomes a rare and invaluable object which only the very fortunate are able to obtain and wear. In my view in the present age of competition every person, be it a man or woman should surely wear this ring. What more it remains effective lifelong. It also looks very attractive.
When this ring is put on everyone around is automatically attracted towards the person. If a person wears it and repeats in his mind that such and such person should be won over, then as soon as the concerned person's eyes fall on the ring he or she becomes enchanted and ready to do as told.
Truly this is a really wonderful divine article from the world of Tantra which can prove to be very useful in the present age. Through it life could become easy and successful.


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