Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lord Shiva who is considered as the God of Destruction and as well as Creation is a classic example of symbolizing the study of nuclear physics and nuclear energy in a form that could be understood by common man.
To understand this, let us review some of the characteristics of Shiva.
• Shiva is called Bholenaath (the naïve one) who grants all the wishes of his disciples. He is often depicted as performing a special form of dance called the Tandav Nritya or the Cosmic Dance. Now let us now compare this to nuclear or atomic energy. This form of energy is one of the most efficient forms of energies which will, just like Bholenath, help resolve all the energy problems of the world, whether it is used to light up cities, power cars and automobiles or launch spaceships. This energy is always there at our disposal and could literally grant all our wishes.
• Now let us review the characteristics of Shiva Ling which is the symbol of Shiva. No other symbol or construction could come closer to the construction of a nuclear reactor than the Shiv Ling. The Shiva Ling is made up of 2 parts – a cylindrical structure made of smooth black stone and the grooves around the cylinder with a characteristic spout. A pot of water hangs over the cylinder which drips water on the cylinder at a continuous pace. This water flows out through the spout of the grooves circling the cylinder. Only in Shiva’s temple, this water is not consumed as tirtha (holy water) as also no one is allowed to cross the spout during the Pradakshina.
• Now let us examine how this structure to that of a nuclear reactor. The cylindrical structure exactly resembles the cylinder of a modern day nuclear reactor. The pot of water hanging above resembles the water needed to cool down the reactor as it heats up during the energy generation process. The grooves around the cylinder represent the structures built to dispose the polluted water from the reactor. This water is not consumed exactly for the same reason – it is polluted with radiations and nuclear waste.
This explanation would suffice to say that Shiva Ling is not just a symbol of some unknown, unseen god called Shiva, but a symbol of the nuclear reactor which generates the universally present nuclear energy called Shiva.

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