Sunday, June 5, 2011

The stunning fact: on the moon found the skeleton of a man

American newspaper The New York Times published a sensational: on the moon found the skeleton of a man . This stunning news does not look like an ordinary newspaper "duck" as a solid body refers to a recognized authority - leading Chinese astrophysicist Mao Kahn.
And reject this scientist with the threshold can not: namely Mao Kang winter of 1988 brought a shock to the whole scientific world by publishing a conference in Beijing on human photos bare foot on the lunar surface. And said here that got these shots from "a reliable source in the United States."
According to Mao Kahn snapshot of the skeleton - of the second batch of photos obtained from the same source, wrote
On the technical side there is nothing impossible. Modern optics is such that clearly captures from orbiting satellites headlines, spread out on the ground. And on the moon has no atmosphere, can be read newspaper text. The only question is whether or not to walk on the moon, a man who then died and turned into a skeleton, and why the Americans are holding the photographs in no hurry to share them with the scientific world.
In the second half of the question to answer easily. Cosmos - a strategic area, and whoever owns it secret - more potential adversaries. Not for nothing the Americans nearly half a century conceal the truth about the alien spaceship who died in South America. Much harder to answer the first half of the question. But let's look at the not so distant past.
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