Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unique Mercury Shivling at the Earth Peace Temple at Sinhagad, Pune

The new Earth Peace Temple at the Siddhanath Forest Ashram at Sinhagad near Pune, Maharashtra is in the news due to a unique alchemical Mercury Shivalinga or Shiva Lingam installed in the temple. The linga is made of solidified mercury (paras mani) and is possibly the 'Shivling can be termed the elusive philosopher’s stone and has a distinctive spherical shape,' Yogiraj Siddhanath said. He said the science of mercury solidification, a technique that Europe and Arabia so dearly wanted but could not comprehend, has been known to India for 7,000 years, since the time of the Indo-Saraswati civilisation. Mercury, when solidified, sheds its toxic qualities and begins to exude a ‘nectarine’ effect, he elaborated, adding that it assists in slowing down the ageing process. “The ingestion of such pure mercury enables a true yogi to obtain a sanjeevan deh – an immaculate body – free from the ravages of time. It also helps in stabilizing the mind and attaining a state of peaceful calm,’ he said. The purification of mercury from its fluid to a solid state has 16 phases, he added. The Earth Peace temple is located in a forested area at Donje-Golewad in Sinhagad and is around 35 km from Pune city. It is a non-denominational temple and people of all races and religions are welcome. The temple was opened during the Shivratri in 2008.(Image source: the website of Hamsa Yoga)


Sternendiener said...

Thank you. I am reminded. I reached something that was hidden as I was exposed to severe obstacles not letting me function at all. From "underneath" I now have found the Cobra and its symbolism. Alchemy shows to be accurate, only hidden by the patterns of perception "spreading light" while this objective light can also be seen as darkness.

Two questions: I found a page telling me about "*****?" also called ashwe, one of the ****? (Not warriors, not handymen but...?) This reminded me of something that I might have experienced, but I need to recall the exact wording, and the page disappeared.

Next: Can I have your permission to have a copy of the five- headed cobra picture? It seems to either be protected or the "entity" refuses. (Matter, time etc is controllable but quite confusing.)

Sternendiener said...

That is "handymen" (What word???) of VISNU. (I forgot) The curse of knowing is that existence becomes too unfeeling, not allowing emotion. The cobra picture was elsewhere presented as a hoax and could not be copied therefrom either. I KNOW for a fact that time- space has a principle of simultaneous appearances, where paradoxically one and the same motive can be presented and even proven to be real or unreal.

The impression of primarity given by the material illusion is secondary.

The invertion of the "real" is at best a precaution. At worst a Hell without end.

Khurana Travels said...
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