Monday, June 15, 2009

Mystery of NASA

Hell, Purgatory, Paradise Several years ago, under the signature stamp of «secret» in the National Office for Outer Space azronavtike (NASA) is stored sensational information. 9 August 1973 from aboard the Space Shuttle «Skylab-2» astronauts transferred the message, stunned members of the Laboratory of Space Studies. It stated: «Hell is in the middle of the Sun. We see how burning the dead. We see al ». Communication was interrupted for a few seconds and then envoys peredovali the Earth from space as usual for the flight data as if it was not before this sensational message. Hell 16 NASA specialists for many years denied all rumors of the event. But in 1985 the U.S. journal «World Science» raised the veil of secrecy. Great message to the crew «Skylab-2» was, it turns out, published and plunged the people into the horror. In August 1978, astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle, studied solar flares through spektrogeliografa, who noted all the changes on film. During this observation on the celestial luminary of an explosion of great force. From the depths of fireball at 800 thousand miles (!) Up rvanulsya pole helium. And suddenly in front of osharashennyh monitors, liquid gas flow stopped. The whole 70 seconds, the device recorded nightmarish vision: in this column of fire appeared, hundreds of thousands of people, exhausted eternal torture in fire. Initially, the astronauts thought that this hallucination, but those images were very clear. Astronauts saw something that, in the opinion of atheists does not exist - Hell. According to the magazine, is now data from the Americans, carefully studied. Purgatory Ten years after the sensational message some U.S. editions told readers on yet another fantastic event. Using specially developed equipment and a telescope to observe infrared radiation, researchers at NASA film films strange phenomenon: in the open space soared ghosts of dead people and animals. This event caused a sharp disagreement between the representatives of official science, and парапсихологами church. But in one, all were unanimous: the real picture! One member of the official commission of experts said: «We have long been aware of the existence of ghosts. In May 1993, we were able to see this substance in space through a telescope «Habla» ... However, the leadership of NASA and the government decided to classify this information until you can explain to people that represent these glowing education, the form of man. The first pictures of the scientists were unknown when the investigation of the influence of the Sun on the planet Neptune. The photos clearly seen a lot of luminous human bodies. The views of the scientific community on this issue were mixed. Pedro García, a Spanish theologian, says: «This part of the universe is a purgatory - a place between heaven and hell. Here souls of the dead awaiting trial for their earthly affairs ». Another famous American physicist, who wishes to preserve the incognito, he said: «These forms - the result of electrical impulses - the true essence of life that has no beginning or end. When people die, the electricity leaves the body in space. And it all ». The author of 11 books on extraterrestrial civilizations, Dr. Alan De enclosures, came to the conclusion that the forms visible in the photos, nothing more than an extraterrestrial substance ... Despite many different views, it is obvious one - to the existing secrets of mankind came new. In this case, the Representative, NASA said: «In order to solve it is a hard work, despite the enormous costs». Perhaps in the near future inhabitants of our planet and become aware of the most incredible results, but deceive ourselves in this regard does not arise. The military is known to be able to keep secrets. In search of paradise by NASA left no comments amazing fact: American astronaut Charles Ginson stayed in space ... 28 years! Individuals from the NASA claim that this case is not an explanation, as the official representative of the organization stated: «We have lost contact with the commander of the Space Shuttle C. Ginsonom over 3 hours and 58 minutes after launch. Since the mission was secret, we could not inform the public. In our papers, Charles Ginson appears as a person missing without trace. That was until 26 March 1991. That spring day, after nearly 28 years after the astronaut in space has disappeared, a U.S. naval part took Ginsona radio Ch. Shortly thereafter, in the ocean has been discovered capsule «Gemini» with astronaut on board. The question arises as astronaut could survive in space 28 years from the abyss of fuel, food and water only half a year? Without any «Extraterrestrial» force is unthinkable! In this mysterious case the official version of NASA does not exist. Spacecraft with astronaut on board ran the war, so all is covered with mystery. Documents relating to this event, have gone along with the archive. There is even evidence that Ginson was in the state of NASA, although all senior staff are well remembered him. Charles Ginson was quarantined at Edwards Air Force in California. Astronaut and «Gemini» carefully studied. A dedicated group of psychiatrists trying to get from Ginsona of his fantastic adventures. - Physically, he feels good, but totally misleading - told reporters fellow NASA. - Do not give a report in his absence on Earth for a long time. Mental astronaut leaves much to be desired, it is impossible to link the words together. When asked where he was, whether the contact with the inhabitants of outer space or any «supernatural» forces Ginson invariably answered: «Never again ... You have to understand ... It's your enemies ». Further questions were hysterical and crying. The famous magician Polish Krzysztof Bullyshko through the media said then that soon astronaut conspiracy and that he will tell, will shake society. It is, however, have much more time, as new details about 28-years of space travel did not appear. Maybe this is directly related to the detection space of hell and purgatory. It is likely that C. Ginson went to heaven because he is back living on the Earth. But where, then, is this paradise? And so there good if astronaut exclaimed: «Never again!».

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